Cecilia & Serkan Workshops


Dedicated to the study of Tango via the knowledge of the body … The proposition is to explore the Tango through its most intimate concept, our bodies and our partner. Using breathing, listening, and a touch that is soft and precise, to create a unique connection between the Earth, our center, and our partner. The music and the dance as sacred creatures that invite us on a journey to the depths of our being, our origin.

The Tango is a dance, and as such, is living and changing, as much – or more than – the sea. Fluid and energetic, passionate and tender, the expression of our personality through movement.”

“Your Emotional World wants you to explore, hug and shared it.


1,5 h technique classes (Open level)
5 thematic workshops (7,5h)

Friday 30 Oct
WS1 Cecilia and Serkan's Technique (Open level)
WS2: Couple connection (Open level)
Saturday 31 Oct
WS3: The embrace on circular movements (Int-Adv)
WS4: Turns (Int-Adv)
Sunday 1 nov
WS5: Close embrace (Int-Adv)
WS6: Improvisation (Int-Adv)