Maria & Gianpiero (Seminar/workshops)

Action/Reaction, Connexion & Expressivity

How independence of movement of leader as well as follower, is the base for a constant communication in the dance, creating a continuous and constant flow and​ dialogue between them. How the consciousness of the different phases and qualities of movement create a deep connection in the dancing couple.

Through the study of concrete technical tools, but also through a global approach on the question of «presence» to oneself and to the others, the aim of this workshop is to provide dancers with very concrete tools as well as open questioning on their very own way of feeling and dancing tango, in order to reach and let out increased musicality, balance and expressivity in the dancing couple, and this without forcesly being professional dancers.


3 h technique classes (all levels)
4 workshops (6h thematic classes)

THREE HOURS TECHNIQUE SEMINAR (Part1 Saturday & Part 2 Sunday)

Posture, Walking and Connection - Concept of « Leading the future » 1 (All levels)
1h30 / technique (All seminars) / no need registering in couple

Walking/moving together: 
how to listen mutually to the movement of partner, creating a continuous flow of informationand connection.
FOUR WORKSHOPS (6h thematic classes)


WS1 Expressivity in the embrace & Concept of density (Inter-Adv)
Study of the activity of the follower, his/her input to the couple and how to listen mutually to the interpretation of partner. Enriching the dance by diversifying tastes and proposals of textures within the embrace.

WS2 Connexion in circular moves – Vals (Adv)
Building rotations and turns in connexion. Grounded on the analysis of movement on deeply internal spiral generated from the spine, we will apply this concept to Vals, leading us to taste the possibly amplified dynamics in space and increased amplitude of movement within the couple.

WS3 Milonga(Inter-Adv)
Musicality : Enriching the dance by the study, identification and use of different elements of rythm and the structure of music.

WS4 Playing with Dynamics, Speed and Tone (Adv)
Enriching the dance by the study, identification and use of those different elements.