Sem & Workshops Tania & René-Marie

Sem & Workshops Tania & René-Marie

Their classes are a dynamic, open and inclusive environment where knowledge and experience meet with personal ideas and inspiration provided by both the teachers and students. They engage tango as a whole, linking technique, steps and music in one all-around method. Whether you are taking your very first steps on the dancefloor or you’re a seasoned milonguero, they’ve got you covered.

4 hours seminar

Embrace, connect and dance

In tango, the basics are a journey, not a destination. They are the essence of the dance, lie in its very core and
are key to any dancer’s evolution. It is fundamental to perfect the essentials components of the dance for anyone who wants to grow and improve.

In this 4-hour seminar, Tania and RM will guide you through the most crucial ideas of their tango.
How to get more connection while at the same time reaching more freedom within the embrace of your partner.
How to keep the connection throughout the dance.
How to build the dance together, and achieve this paradoxical goal: to express yourself and become one with your partner.
Many exercises and experiences will help you transform the knowledge into sensation, developing your own universe within tango.




Tango Xtreme Cycle

Tango Xtreme is a cycle of workshops created by T&RM in order to offer the students special learning moments which combine both fun and technical elements.

WS XC1) Colgadas, for balanceColgadas are impressive and playful moves which bring both dancers out of their axis, combining circularity and dynamics.
They allow us to expand our musicality while at the same time helping us strengthen fundamental skills,
such as balance and confidence.

WS XC2) Soltadas, for connectionSoltadas are a way for us to have some real fun. Spinning, turning, using both the space and the embrace differently to surprise each other. Musically, these elements help us along the path of accentuation;
technically they help us understand that connection goes beyond touch.

Tango Musicality Cycle

WS MC1) Pugliese, for power

WS MC2) D’Arienzo, for the fun

What we seek at the milonga is to live special, unique moments. The spectrum of emotions that tango music offers is infinite and a bona fide goldmine for inspiration and creativity.

Together we will explore both orchestras, discuss their main ideas in terms of music and dance, look into tiny details that make all the difference. We will of course discuss these ideas, listen to the music, but we will first and foremost dance and develop a way of interpreting the music of these two amazing orchestras.