Serkan Gokcesu & Cecilia Garcia



Dedicated to the study of Tango via the knowledge of the body … The proposition is to explore the Tango through its most intimate concept, our bodies and our partner. Using breathing, listening, and a touch that is soft and precise, to create a unique connection between the Earth, our center, and our partner. The music and the dance as sacred creatures that invite us on a journey to the depths of our being, our origin.

The Tango is a dance, and as such, is living and changing, as much – or more than – the sea. Fluid and energetic, passionate and tender, the expression of our personality through movement.”

“Your Emotional World wants you to explore, hug and shared it.”

Cecilia & Serkan


Serkan Gokcesu is renowned for the work he made together with Özhan Araz, Two young men that for close to eight years were working and touring together as professional tango teachers and performers at some of the biggest tango festivals in the world, as well as working with dance choreography for television and cinema at home in Turkey. Appreciated for an innovative teaching method, based on the fact that as being two men they shared the dancing roles equally, and as a result had acquired a very profound understanding of the dance. Both coming from the athlete world, being semi-professional sportsmen, helped them in focusing, both physically and mentally, to always reach higher levels, constantly developing.





Cecilia Garcia has an impressive dancing background covering everything from traditional argentine folk dance, contemporary dance, contact, jazz, to tango. She also has a teaching degree for the piano. Maybe this combination can explain her outstanding musical and physical expresión. She is already well travelled, starting touring at the age of sixteen when she performed in a group working in Italy and France. Later she has been touring worldwide with various prominent characters of the Argentine tango scene. Not only has she been working as a performer, she has also a genuine experience as a tango teacher, Buenos Aires being her home base.