Workshops M&M

WS 1 Fundamental Basic (FB):

In this workshop We will work with the giro and the continuous dissociation in its three positions – back, side and forward (all levels)

WS 2 The active side…

In this workshop We will work with the active and relaxed side of the circularity – exercises and application (all levels)

WS 3 Rebotes (rebounds)

In this workshop We will explore the creation of different dynamics in rebotes (int/av)

WS 4 Enrosques

This workshop is about enrosques backward in combination with sacadas and boleos (int/adv)

WS 5 From standing to free leg…(int/adv)

From the standing to the free leg – how to use it with conscious relaxation in ganchos, ornaments and boleos

WS 6 Soltadas (int/adv)

This workshop is about the axis and stability in soltadas.



Martin & Maurizio Showtanz from Sam Jost on Vimeo.